Like others said it's up to you and how you can handle it. I'm still transitioning (2 years this month) and I think I'm gonna keep going for a while longer. It gets annoying and from time to time I get the urge to chop but the truth is that I love the length of my hair (almost waist) and I'm not ready to lose it. I've just been slowly trimming for the past 2 years and will probably continue doing so until I get rid of all the relaxer. Good luck!
Hair: 3a, normal porosity and elasticity
My hair loves: Vatika and Bhringraj oils, adores henna.
My HGs: Bobeam's shampoo bars, CJAO, CJRM, Original Moxie's Hair Bling, Terressentials,

Let's hear it for beautiful curls!!!