I have a new teal cast and a new inflatable boot! I do not have a torn tendon!!! Yay!!! No surgery! I have ruptured the joint capsule where my pinkie toe attaches to my foot. The surgeon took x-rays and did an ultrasound. He said the tendons are inflamed because they are having to do their job and the capsule's job of holding the bones in place too. He froze the skin around the joint to numb it and then put 3 or 4 shots down into the joint between the bones. It was excrutiating. I held my breath and tried to focus on where the needle was going and how much gunk -- that is supposed to reduce inflammation and "fill up the capsule" and speed healing -- was going in instead of how badly it hurt for him to manuvere my toes around so the needle would go where he needed it to go. I didn't cry until it was over and then I bawled once I started breathing. He was very gentle and compassionate; it was just the nature of the injection that was brutal. He said it would hurt WORSE for 24-48 hours and to stay off it but after that, do whatever I felt like doing within reason. Now that it's in a cast, I cannot soak it It hurts like something awful and I cannot get comfortable or be still. I have to wiggle. It was tortuous but it is starting to let up with getting the boot adjusted properly and great meds kicking in.
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