I've dyed and straightened my hair more times than I should have...My hair was always so dry and frizzy. I've stopped straightening it so much for the past few months but dying it was another story. What can I say...I get bored and I love change. But something had to be done...

I've only started CG 4 days ago. The difference is night and day. Flash and camera are the same. First day my hair looks dull, frizzy, and just plain sad. The second 2 are Day 2's and already such an amazing result! Day 3 and 4 are a little frizzy...woke up later than I meant to so I had to rush. Not to mention it's raining outside. All I can say is I'm loving it!! I've told my friends, co-workers, and sisters about it already and I'm excited to see the results of the future!
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