I had long, very curly, wonderfully manageable hair until a few months ago. It probably started about a year ago; I don't remember. 15 months ago I had several gynecological procedures done and a mirena placed. After complications the Mirena was removed in the spring and I had a hysterectomy in September 2012. I am 36 but had signs of early menopause prior to my surgery and now although I do have my ovaries I am certainly into menopause. I am also hypothyroid and 5 years ago before that was diagnosed (and because of a medication I don't take now) I had a great deal of thinning of my hair. It took until 2 years ago for me to have hair that I thought was pretty and yet easy enough to not require a daily fight with the curls versus length. Before my hysterectomy my hair was below my shoulder blades; I had 3-4 inches removed to make it easier to deal with while I recovered.

For about 2 1/2 months after my hysterectomy my hair fell out. It fell out in huge clumps, so much that I had to empty drains every time I showered or they backed up, and I had to try to coax loose hairs out while wet because otherwise I would have "hairballs" on my clothes, in my hair, around my ponytail holders, on the floor, in my knitting, etc.

Since my hysterectomy my hair is limp, there are fewer curls and more just places that randomly stick out. With the right product (an Aquage product I don't remember the name of) I can get the bottom to hold curl at least fairly well but there is no longer much curl on the top. This doesn't create an attractive style at all and so I am constantly in a ponytail or bun.

I already had several inches cut off about 2 months ago and it didn't make much difference. The length is back and it's not healthier. I have a stylist appointment in a few weeks with the same person who has done every cut I've had in 7 years so she knows my hair well and if I have to I'm going to go to a shorter cut (my hair tends to be hard to manage less than shoulder length and I hate not being about to pull it back when I sleep, so this is a huge sacrifice). Last time she had it looking great until about 20 minutes after I left when the heavy duty product she'd used stopped working. I keep trying to picture a much shorter style than I've had for years and I can't picture liking it; I never did before. My hair has always been best at just above my shoulder blades.

I'm on thyroid meds, a multi-vitamin, biotin 7500 (it says that's a very high dose), B complex, and Vit. D. I forgot to buy selenium and I know I should be on that as well and will get it soon. or I'm not on and won't be on (medical reasons) hormones. I need to find out if my doctor wants me on anything different vitamins because of the menopause. For a while I was having luck with the conditioner only method and then my hair acted like that's nothing special. I hadn't done that in a while but I did it successfully for about a year before all this started. My sister gave me a bunch of Aveda stuff for curly hair repair for Christmas and I'm hoping that will help.

Please, if you have ever had the over-done by hormones, anesthesia, pain meds, anemia, etc. problem combination and have attractive hair again I'd love to know about it. I don't want to cut it all off and I'm scared it will never be the same. And my hair was the only part of my body I really liked.

Thank you.

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