on December 31st every year, The New York Times publishes a list of notable people around the world who have died in the year past. they call the feature The Lives They Lived. the list doesn't just cover the very famous; sometimes obscure scientists who might have years ago made a discovery that has a lasting impact on humanity is included and the reader can say a silent 'thank you' to them for all they did.

this year, this paragraph is the introduction to that section of the newspaper/website:

"This issue is meant to be a celebration of life, not an expression of grief. But since the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., grief has been unavoidable. Our wish for those who knew and loved the 20 children and 6 adults killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School is that they are held up by those around them until the day comes when they might feel something other than terrible loss. And our wish for the rest of us is that we all might help turn despair into hope."

The Lives They Lived - NYTimes.com
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