I see. You know, vaseline heals dry chapped lips overnight. Just slap a layer (yes a thick layer), go to sleep and when you wake up, kissable soft lips. Just FYI in case you need it.
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You've never seen chaping like I have! Once my bf told me my lips look like pork rinds. LOL I have been wearing Vaseline every night for the past few nights and my lips give it the finger. LOL

The Vaseline is def helping, but it's slow progress bc during the day I can't keep anything on them long enough (eating, drinking, chrwing on things, licking my lips). I have lip issues!
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i think very dry lips can be a sign that you are not hydrated enough. i'm not saying mild dry in winter, but really dry. do you drink enough water? i think the mayo clinic recommends 1/2 the number of your body weight but for ounces. ie, if you weigh 100 lbs, you should drink 50 ounces of water a day. give it a try.
what i've been using with great success for my lips is dr. hauschka lip balm. i buy it at wholefoods. it is not cheap, it is like $13 (or maybe even eighteen) a tube, but, i don't need to use it all day long so it lasts quite a while and my lips are not dry. i cringe when i toss it in my cart, but nothing else worked for me. over the years i have used everything from vaseline, chapstick, to high end lip balms, nothing comes close to this for me.
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