the new list of items about to be discontinued is up and i'm just shocked at the longtime colours that are going:

eye shadows: Juxt, Shimmermoss, Samoa Silk, Hepcat, Browndown, Purple Haze and Romp in the pan

pigments: Chocolate Brown (!), Frozen White, Pink Bronze, Neon Orange

lipstick: Gleam and Sheer Plum

lipglass: Enchantress (*sigh*), Chai, Shock-o-Latte, Spirited

lustreglass: Spring Bean, Ornamental (!)

blush: Magenta, LoverRush (!)

most of the rest is leftovers from special collections. but geez.... Juxt???? Chocolate Brown pigment is at least 25 years old and i know Enchantress has been around for at least 12 years...

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