I'm thinking of getting a tablet and a camera with this years tax refund. I'm pretty settled on the camera, but undecided on a tablet.

I've been without a computer for quite some time. I use my iPhone for pretty much everything. Web surfing, coming here, email, Facebook, bill paying apps, shopping apps, etc.

An iPad seems to be the obvious solution since I'm used to the iPhone and am familiar with the apps.

But, the no Flash thing is super annoying. Then I read about newer Android platforms not supporting Flash as well, so perhaps I shouldn't worry about Flash capability?

Also, other perfectly fine tablets costing less than an iPad.

For what I need, I don't think I really need a full out laptop. Almost everything I need is able to be done with my phone. But, it'd be nice to have something that could store photos from the future camera.

What do you folks use and like?
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