I have an iPad and a Kindle Fire. The iPad is a bigger screen and easier to use the touch screen, but I like the Kindle better.

I find it a little more user friendly when it comes to purchasing and storing books and videos. Its not as bulky so its easy to hold and nice to use if you're one to read in bed, or in the bathtub like me. Its pretty durable as I've had one for a year and still haven't put a case or protector on it (naughty me). The iPad is like holding a mini laptop on your lap. I woud like a bigger keyboard but the ipad keyboard is just too big to type. The Kindle is super easy to put in your purse and carry along with you.

I gave the iPad to my kids and I've downloaded all game and reading apps for them and I use the Kindle for books and yoga videos and such. Both have Netflix.

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