I realize some of these postings were from 2009, but I recently went to Carlos Flores at Mario Diab Salon in NYC for a highlight touch-up. My hair was already highlighted a medium blonde and just needed my roots touched up. The reason I switched to Carols is that I just began wearing my hair wavy/curly. While I didn't need a hair trim yet, I couldn't wait for Carlos to cut my hair later down the road based on the rave reviews. The color looked good in the salon, but when I got home, I noticed in my bathroom mirror how brassy the color was. I was hoping that when I looked in the daylight the following day it would look better. Unfortunately, it did not. He apparently didn't leave the highlights on long enough. The color was awful. In addition to that, he painted the color on in a manner that looked too "stripey" to my eye. I had to go to Devachan to have a corrective color job done with another colorist. And while it looks much better (with the toner added, etc.), there is still a tad left of the brassy color underneath and it will probably rear its head to some extent until it is all grown out. What a disapointment and waste of money. Another woman who posted on here some time ago goes to Carlos for cuts and while she loves how he cuts her hair, she cautioned not to go to him for color as it "was not his thing." Unfortunately, I didn't read that warning until after it was too late. I just don't understand how such a bad color job can be done by such experienced people at high end salons, but it even happened to me once when I had my highlights done years ago at Bergdorf's in NYC. Yet, another color correction had to be done at another salon. Switching colorists is always a scary thing to me.