no one wears their hair this way?
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I'm not really clear on what you mean? How does it change when you pin it up? To look worse or what?

Edited because i read it over and over.

Yeah, I think my ultimate goal in a cut is to get it to look a certain way, if you consistently wear it up and that pinning changes it, I'd consider a different cut. For example, if I cut a lot of layers into my hair, and pinning it up on the sides made it appear shorter, I'd hate that.nid rather do less layers, less dramatic layers so that the shorter part wasn't so short. Kwim?
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It's kind of hard to explain. Putting the sides up is more flattering in the front. But in the back it changes the way the hair lays and kind of takes away some of the volume. I think doing away with the layers all-together would be a mistake as I cold have pyramid head.
So I guess I can keep it the way it is, or add a bit more layering or possibly change the shape of the bottom. It's kind of rounded now - could be more straight across or V-shaped.