I've not heard of the gelatin PT?
What do you use as a DT? Im not good with all the abbreviations yet. I bought the L'oreal ever sleek or something, little tub that's bronze-ish after watching the waterlily girls youtube video about best conditioners. I dont know though. How do you do a DT? do you do heat? I need a step by step rundown. I'm totally clueless. I need to see a pic of your hair, I cant tell very well from your profile.
Rae ~ 2c/3a ~
Wife to a 3c Curly Guy
Mom to a straight and a curly.

"The Longer the Hair, the Bigger the Blob."

Porous, very dense but fine hair. Medium everything else.
CoWash: Tressemee naturals
RO: Generic biolage and generic joico k-pak
LI: Tresemee
Miss Jessie's Pillow soft curls, diffuse 50%, add KCCC and diffuse to 80%.
Always wash upside down.