I've found oils to be an integral part of my regimen once I learned how to apply them correctly to my lp hair strands.

For the longest I thought my hair hated coconut oil and I stayed away from it for awhile as a result. But then I went swimming with my family this past summer and didn't have any oils other than coconut oil on hand to put in my hair before getting in the chlorinated water. So I slathered it on and pulled my hair up. I wear a swim cap too and it was an outdoor pool so it was a nice warm; sunny day. By the time I got home later that afternoon to wash the chlorine out of my hair I was thinking my hair was going to be stiff and greasy mess but the combo of the amount of time the coconut oil stayed on my hair along with the sun and body heat that was kept contained under the swim cap allowed the coconut oil to fully absorb into the strands. My hair was so soft and moisturized after I shampooed the chlorine out even before putting in the DC. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that I probably could have skipped the DC!

So I learned that my hair actually loves coconut oil I just need a combo of heat and time to allow it to absorb into the strands. Now I apply coconut oil weekly, sit under a heat cap for about 30 minutes to give it a "head start" then sleep in it overnight. I low poo the next day. My hair responds very favorably to this routine.

After I DC and low poo, I apply my RO, then LI and finally my FSG. I do seal with my oil mix (castor oil, EVOO and EO for scent) more for SOTC of the FSG but the key is to use a very, very light coating of the oil concentrating on the ends of my hair. My hair stays moisturized for multiple days with this routine. In the Spring/Summer I can go a whole 7 days without wetting again for moisture but in the fall/winter, it's sometimes necessary for me to spritz and lightly seal midweek due to the dry cold air.
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Low Porosity; Medium Strands; Dense