I have an iPad, too, and a case with a keyboard attached for long typing sessions. In lieu of a flash drive, consider using a service like dropbox or even apple's icloud to save your data.

I have a 7-year old laptop that's still chugging along, but I hardly ever take it out the house anymore. My iPad, on the other hand, goes with me where ever I go (I carry a decent sized purse, lol). I got the wifi only version, though, so the only thing that I'm considering now is whether or not to buy a personal hotspot type device. I don't want to use my phone because I still have the unlimited data package with att and any change to my settings will void that out.
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What is this?
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It's a little device that creates a wifi signal where ever you are. For example, Virgin Mobile offers the device and daily or monthly pre-paid plans.
Virgin Mobile | Broadband2Go 3G/4G Wireless Internet Plans

I did wonder if I could use my phone as a hot spot with an iPad. I didn't know it would negate my unlimited data plan.
Yeah, if you have an unlimited plan with AT&T, more than likely, you've been grandfathered in. In order to use the tethering, you'd have to chose a new data plan and you can't switch back to the old unlimited plan.

I use the data plan on my phone more than I use the talk/text minutes. I am on the internet all the time. Plus, I look at a lot of Netflix & Youtube, & I stream music, too.

I need to crunch the numbers though, and shop around for the best deal. It could be that I end up paying about the same either way, lol.
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It's cheaper to just pay for a data plan for your iPad.
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