Newbie here

I finally decided to embrace my curls a couple years ago. My sister is a hair stylist, and after attending seminars and whatnot to become a "Deva stylist" (yeah, I'm a lucky duck!) she introduced me to the Deva Curl products. HOLY COW what a difference!! That's when I started to think that I could actually work with my curls, instead of always fighting with them.

I flat ironed my hair most of the time through junior high/high school, and then I got to a point where I got sick of putting so much time into that! So, ponytails it was. Which I didn't like either. So glad to have found a better way!

I don't use Deva Curl anymore but it was a nice way to start out.

Anyway - here's before. Kind of old picture but like I said, normally it was flat ironed!

After - sorry, I had a horrible time trying to take a pic of my hair lol and I don't have recent photos of me!