Thank you all!

I have heard so much about fsg so this weekend i did it. I made homemade flaxseed gel and applied it to my soaking wet hair after applying conditioner. OMG!!!! The best gel i have ever used. It didnt dry my hair out and itgave me soft and welldefined curls.
Anyone here who have the same experience?

The only minus is that i have to refrigerate it. I cant carry the gel with me in my purse daily.

Do you now if i can add sth to this gel so i dont need to refrigerate it??
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As I mentioned in my earlier post I use fsg. I love it but only in the summer. I don't think you can get around refrigeration but you can add preservatives to get it from spoiling as quickly. The new SM souffle has flaxseed oil in it. That may work for you.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.