Not sure what's in that, but I'm assuming its a low-poo!

You could add a few drops of oil to the poo to help keep it from stripping.

I'm assuming you do a RO, but what about a LI?

Have you sealed with anything besides GSO? Maybe a slightly richer oil?

And you can try a few drops of oil in your gel, too.
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I tried evoo but that was too heavy. Weighed everything down. I'll try adding the gso to the shampoo. Any recs for my next shampoo? Conditioner?
Most the time I co wash with tresemee, the green one, and condition with the trader joes tea tree tingle conditioner. I'm thinking I need to try some protein. My tresemee is almost gone so I'm thinking the suave coconut?
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I use that same low poo. I always prepoo with EVOO to offset any dryness.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.