Hi! I'm a new curly girl. One of the things that set me off was this day not long before Thanksgiving when I saw my friend who was wearing her hair curly for the first time in a long time. It looked frizzy but cute and it kind of made me miss my curls. (I was addicted to my flat iron. So was she but she was trying to change because her hair was getting fried.) By some super fortunate, gloriously serendipitous, candy coated chain of events I found The Curly Girl Handbook and nowadays my life is so much better. I thought I was just a wavy and frizzy kid. Turns out my hair is super curly. So the other night this very same friend showed up at my house with her hair straightened again. (Ironic right?) She saw my hair and her eyes bogged out of her head. She asked me what I'd been using and I explained how I had cut out silicones (I already didn't use sulfates haha former Wen girl) and tried to explain the basics of CG. But instead she just kept grilling me about the products I was using. I tried to tell her it wasn't the products so much (I've tried a couple and don't use the same things everyday) but what the products do and don't contain. Also the styling method. And I tried to show her the book but I guess it was a little overwhelming maybe? She leafed through it, got this little frown on her forehead and said, "It looks complicated." I said, "It takes ten minutes and I do it everyday." But then she countered with, "Every minute counts." Granted my friend is a doctor and her time is valuable but yeesh! Doesn't she see that going CG is so much easier? Especially once you get a routine going. I know in the beginning it can seem a little overwhelming but it doesn't take much education to get the ball rolling, does it?

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