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Interesting read, I don't despise the movie , I thought it was good if you take it as a QT film but it still made me feel weird sitting in an audience filled with mostly white people laughing historically. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, or dramatic which I find even odd, for myself to be overly sensitive to this subject.

This: However for the rest of the movie, audiences were apparently meant to believe a Western was taking place in the… Antebellum South?

WAS ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT THE WHOLE TIME. Like I know , this shhh don't add up. All I would whisper into my friends ear was, "wait, I thought they were in Tennessee??" "wait, aren't they in Mississippi?"

All I can say about Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance as Calvin Candie is that it made him less of a convincing actor and more of a convincing racist. He was a little bit too believable for me, and by that I mean the slave master stole the show from the slave.

All wrong or maybe I'm biased, because leo's acting was very confusing, it was like he kept flip flopping his character, I said this in the other thread but I don't think anyone noticed, or is obsessed enough to pay attention to every movement leo does.

This: Kerry Washington spoke less than ten times in two hours and forty five minutes

THANK YOU. was I the only one that noticed her having really no lines, Leo deo's "sister" in the film had more lines. She had no character. She was almost....dare I say...Bella swanned.

That was a really great analysis written thingy opinion piece.

I'm also kind of over gore and killing in movies, I don't find it appealing as I did when I was younger, which might also be why I didn't like this movie as much as I wanted to. It almost scares me now, I had to look away at most parts and I NEVER look away in movies ever, but now i can't handle it. And I've seen some disturbing stuff real and not real back in the day. I just can't do it anymore, it's weird and I don't' want to watch fake killing or real killing.
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i went to this movie because i am a QT fan but i found the film which is an anagram of spaghetti western and a blaxploitation picture disappointing. clocked at 2:45 minutes i would have liked to see more of the relationship between Django and Broomhilda Kerry Washington's character. as i left the theater i did wonder how the black audience would react to his interpretation of sensitive subject. as for me im still waiting for the day Hollywood portray the Vietnamese people accurately. Most Vietnam War movies depict faceless Viets as anything but cannon fodder

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