Dear here is my trick. I have 4a hair and i have 2nd, 3rd, hair just using a bottle spray and plain water. While you are showering or in front of a sink with a towel over your shoulders, spray your hair and let the water saturate hair. As this happens, your curls will start swelling. Do not comb, brush or touch hair. Just shake it up and down, left and right to loosen the curls. And voila! You want your hair to have enough water do that your curls are well saturated and shakeable. My hair if stretched goes to mid neck, and I use maybe 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup worth of water. You can add a bit of oil in water if you want. But in my case I use plain water. You can also do half water half aloe Vera gel or juice. Trust me! Those curl revival 2nd day hair products are a waste of money!