Pre-pooing means coating your hair with oil (some people use conditioner instead of oil) before washing it. The procedure will prevent your hair from hygral fatigue,and for some it also makes their hair shinier and softer after washing
(+ if you use poos, it will prevent your hair from beeing overly stripped,by preventing the poo to enter your hair shaft)

Its pretty simple, take a (virgin/cold pressed) oil that you like , divide your hair in sections, now start apllying the oil by sections through your hair - you may want to start at your scalp and run your hands down to your ends. Massage your scalp with the oil while pre-pooing, as this will activate growth and also helps to loosen some dirt,making washing afterwards a bit easier.

Some girls like to detangle their hair during the pre poo process and leave it over night...i personally just pre poo about an hour before showering,put a heat cap on, and prefer to detangle with conditioner under the shower..

you need to experiment a bit and find the way that works best for you

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