Update! I wanted to save some people the trouble that I have experienced with my bottle. I don't know if I'm the only one, but when I clicked the ingredients link given by kathymack above, it took me to the Sevi website (what I now realize was an outdated version of their website copyright 2010). Their actual website was updated in 2012, so I'm not sure how, but I was getting the old one with an old ingredients list. Their current site does list patchouli in the Pumpkin Seed Conditioner.

I only found this out after emailing their customer service. The rep that I corresponded with was very agreeable and let me know that I should be able to return my bottle to my local whole foods without a receipt. So I will confirm that when I get a chance. I would also like to try the Seaberry Buckthorn conditioner, so maybe I will pick that up if I go to my parents at some point. The pumpkin seed did work very well. It was just the smell that didn't do it for me.
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