Hello all,

Apologies for posting in English, but I am not yet proficient in Dutch! I recently relocated to the Netherlands from the UK.

I need to find a good stylist/salon here to trust with cutting my curly hair. Any suggestions? I live just North of Amsterdam, but am quite flexible to travel somewhere other than Amsterdam if that's where a trusted stylist is.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Shelz78, welcome to the Netherlands! As far as I know there are no hairdressers that do Deva cut, but you should Google for a Salon that cuts CurlSys. CurlSys is a method from an English curly hairdresser. There are not a lot of curly hairdressers here and prizes may vary up to €26! I go to Berty's Hairstyling in Zeist. But I'm sure you'll find one in Amsterdam as well, since it's our capital city
Good luck and whenever you'd like more info about Dutch curly stuff it's okay to pm me!

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