Dee. Glad you had a few chuckles. I wish I liked the smell too (you lucky devil). To be fair, some of my bias against the smell comes from my one and only other henna experience seven years ago. I stupidly kept applying the henna even though I was getting a migraine headache and feeling nauseous

... I should have stopped, rinsed my hair out, grabbed some Advil and taken a nap. Instead, I got stubborn. Ended up crouched in the tub w/a half application of henna on my head and tossed up pineapple/ pepperoni pizza chunks swirling around and over my toes. I think that explains the problem tolerating henna smell or anything associated w/it. PS: Don't ask me if I kept applying the henna despite puking, because the answer is pretty disturbing. In the end I wasted my time because I had to rinse all the henna out way too early because of the weight of it on my head PLUS the migraine pain.

OK, you asked if hubby helped. Well for that 1st fiasco, he stood from a distance, wringing his hands and drumming his feet on the ground in protest (OMG Korkscrew, that looks nasty. ... OMG what a mess! ... OMG you're gonna throw up! ... OMG and now you're gonna keep going?!?).

This time, the moment he heard the words henna and next Saturday, he whipped out his cell and blocked off the whole day in his calendar with the words "GUY'S NIGHT OUT".

As for how long it took: It took about an hour to apply, solo. I bet it'll take others less time (As you know, I have a lot of hair). How long does it take you to apply?

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