My curls hit my butt, I need to get better photo's lol.

I don't know my exact hair type. It's super prone to frizz & needs a lot of product. I have S curls but it's lost a lot of shape/bounce since they're so long now.
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Beautiful hair! How long did it take you to get to butt length?
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Thank youuu .

I love your videos, waterlily!

Well, this was my hair in Dec 2010:

Nov 2011:

and now it's as long as it is. I only cut my ends every 2-4 months, and not too much at a time. I don't have the best ends, but I feel like I never do, even when I had shorter hair & regular trims.

I wouldn't give up my long hair even though it has many cons. I feel like I look bad with shorter hair ;(. I DREAD SHOWERS. Detangling takes forever, and I shed so much. I wash my hair 1x a week so that's why it's probably so bad. But I honestly don't have the time/patience to do more. I need to do more masks or something, because my hair doesn't have a lot of shine. It never really did though.