The mother lives in the same city but they're not close. She does have some half siblings that live not too far away. Thankfully her father was very wealthy and paying for all of this, plus college for the next four years, is not an issue, but I don't know what they're going to do until she turns 18.

I mixed up the day of the funeral; it's going to be Friday, not Thursday, and I have to miss the actual funeral because we're coming back from a family trip but we're planning to go to her house, which will be open for a condolence meal. I'll probably bring her some sort of bath set.
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"We’ll not live like this. They will try to bury us with false manifestos, inscribe us in wars against false enemies but we’ll sing songs about dying from loving the wrong cowboy and gospel; our bodies will burn in effigies of promise. I swear."

-Ibi Kaslik