My name is kat and i've always been clueless about what to do with my curls! i recently found out about the CG method and i could use some help and advice about products and my hair type.

I dont know if i'm type 2c, 3a or 3b. My hair is naturally extremely thick. when i was younger it used to be really curly and healthy. i started straightening it a LOT and i noticed that when my hair wasnt wet, it was stick straight (except for the roots), really dry and unhealthy. i've basically given up straightening it so i havent put heat on it in a while, but it's still really dry and frizzy, and theres absolutely no spiral curls, mostly just very tight waves. Whats my hair type?

before i knew about the CG method i used some really damaging products. Now that i know to avoid silicons and sulfates, i need some suggestions for,
a shampoo/ cleanser,
a rinse out conditioner,
a co-wash,
and a leave-in
basically i just need a whole new routine. preferably products that are cheap and easy to find.

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