I am not good with hair typing. My texture changed after going CG (curls got tighter).

You will need to clarify your hair and remove any silicones. I did that by using VO5 shampoo. It had sulfates to remove the silicones (silicone free).

Conditioners I have used are Tresseme Naturals (love it for cowashing but not as a leave in...doesn't play friendly with Eco Styler gel which I use as my styler). I love Suave Naturals as a leave-in (coconut is my favorite but it has protein so avoid if you're protein sensitive). I also love Ology Moisturizing Conditioner by Walgreens.

I have watched several YouTube videos. Several on there love Trader Joe's conditioner and Giovanni Direct leave-in. I can't find them local so I haven't tried them.

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