If s/he wants to invest in CG, she'll keep gawking at your hair and will get inspired to try it. If not, life goes on. Either way, I'd drop the subject for now.

Your friend may or she might not benefit from CG. And that thing about conditioning every day? Wow that's a lot of work! I'm lazy. I'll wash every 5 days on average (either a cowash or a shampoo) and in between my hair goes mostly untouched.

Controlling frizz (something a few of us get obsessed w/for some reason) or avoiding unhealthy hair isn't necessarily at the top of everyone's agenda, especially doctors or other super-busy people. And it doesn't have to be. Not everyone wants to or should improve the look of their hair. It's not a moral imperative. (Note: I've had to remind myself about all this at times, when the hair fanatic in me rages )

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