Even re-watching BBC's fabulous miniseries of Pride and Prejudice, in which everyone has long hair that's worn up in public, makes me want short hair. BTW, that was what I did on New Year's Eve with my super awesome friend who surprised me by having it on her computer when she came over! It seems to have become our New Year's tradition now (which we used to have with a third friend who is currently in New York), which pleases me immensely. So does our decision to pay attention to the background people and do some minor riffing on it this time. We wound up getting very interested in the power dynamics of canes and tassels, which both appeared to be solely the province of men until the scene in which Lady Catherine de Bourgh confronts Lizzie at her house. When she took her walk with Lizzie, the two of us simultaneously gasped and exclaimed, "She has a cane!!" and then my friend pointed out that whatever she was carrying had not one but two tassels on it. This is clearly why she has such an overinflated ego.

I might find a book like this interesting, if it covered many curse words. An entire book devoted to *******s seems a bit much, though. lol
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Hee...I know they're just asterisks to transition to another part of your post, but I read this as you saying "*******" over and over and over in a sudden burst of profanity.
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I loved BBC's P&P. I also love your two tassels theory. I am a fan of re watching shows and movies in order to take in every last detail. It is like a giant game of I Spy, with my little eyes, something...

I also love watching people who are watching a series or movie, I know they will love, for the first time. It gives me great joy to see them gasp, scream, cuss, cover their eyes, jump up and down, pace, laugh, cry, etc. I always know when to 'cue my glance'. Lol. I have always loved to people watch, and soak in every detail, in a non creepy way.

*Just to add to this (I was having a hard time getting it out due to ringing phones), my dad was one of my favorites to watch. He always remained calm, cool and collected. Occasionally he would say, "Well, run moron" or something of that nature but he always got the best quizzical expressions. He loved to take it in, could peg a movie in 5 min, and always wanted to discuss something with a more complex plot line. He rarely went over board, but when he did it was comical. He remained convinced that Jeff Bridges was evil until the day he died, thanks to one role. I always laughed at him. No father, it means he did his job, well. When done properly, emotion is evoked. (Smh & giggle)

Haha! I don't think anyone would be surprised (amused, hopefully) if I did burst into a never ending stream of character profanity
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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