I've been looking at the reviews for Kerapremium for almost a week debating whether or not I should buy a bottle.

After seeing myself in the mirror upon arriving home from a night out on NYE, I discovered that the Qod Max Organiq treatment I'd applied the day before did not stand up to the ~ 20% humidity I'd been in. What a terrible flash back to my 8th grade self that was!!!

Upon looking at the Amazon reviews for the Kerapremium two things occurred to me.

1. I have really baby fine 3b hair but have been following the directions/advice of people with fine hair that's courser/more resilient.
2. The BKT products I used in the past did exactly what they were supposed to.

The Global Keratin (which I mistakenly posted earlier as Coppola) did make my hair lifeless and I shed like mad which is why I gave it up.

The Qod Max and Qod Gold I used pretty regularly (about 4 times a year) were good but I still had quite a bit of shedding and didn't like that I had to coax my curls back every morning with a lot of product. Also, like with the Global, when I was outside in warm weather, the heat would release my Qod treated curls so at the end of those days I looked like a moon faced dope with stick straight wispy hair.

I understand now that I was using too much heat and doing too many passes, and even possibly was using too strong a solution.

Maybe someone can help me figure out, before I buy another giant bottle of product, which to select?

My hair is ~ 90% 3b and I want to take it down to 2c. The recent Organiq application seems to have hardly changed the virgin (from ears up) area of my hair so I probably need something stronger. I don't want to repeat the process a bunch of times with Organiq to eventually get to 2c though, for fear that I'd just be scorching my hair. Yet I'm kind of afraid the Kerapremium might be too strong even with lower heat and fewer passes.

What would you self (and community) taught experts suggest?

Thank you for your help!


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