Hi everyone!
I have recently decided to go on a natural hair journey. I have also decided to stop using direct heat on my hair. I have been transitioning for about 2 months now. I chose to join this website because I have questions about transitioning and I need advice from others that are transitioning or have transitioned to their natural hair. S
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Welcome to CurlTalk! We actually have an entire thread dedicated to transitioning >> Transitioning - CurlTalk take a look through there and you'll find some great information! I transitioned for about a year. My main advice is to take this time to listen to your hair and experiment with different products and regimens. For example If you try to wash your hair every day and it freaks out -- STOP! and then try every 3 days or every week, tweaking everything until you can tell your hair feels great. Also, AUSSIE MOIST is my favorite conditioner. Saved my life lol

Good luck!
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