^I've been going back and forth about walking because of the temperatures. On the one hand, I warm up after a while. On the other hand, I didn't really warm up yesterday when I went for it. I usually try to leave my knife bag at work when I want to walk, because that thing is a heavy mofo that markedly slows me down, but the extra effort of carrying it while going at a quick pace is handy for making me sweat.
As I walked the other day I wondered if runners start up at home so they're already warm when they get out into that frigid air.
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Not me, I just go outside and start running, and usually I warm up. My poor hands are usually the hardest thing to keep warm.

The problem with really long runs is that even at really cold temps you start sweating eventually, and once you've sweated enough your core starts to get cold again because you're running in a damp shirt, and even if your body was warm for a while you can be a popsicle by the time you get done.

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