I have the s3, have had it for a few weeks now. I've never had an iPhone, only androids. I really like it. It's fast, crisp clean screen. I did feel really over protective of out until I got the cover I wanted as it is light and very sleek and slippery. The screen is suppose to be made from gorilla glass but up thread someone mentioned a cracked screen and one of my friends has cracked hers as well. I tend to not have things like that happen to my phones though. (My friend always damages her phones almost as soon as she gets them)

The choice for me came down to always having had android phones, I like the ability to customize my screens, icons, etc. Also many of the tech guys where I work were giving up their IPhones for the s3. Based on what I've read and the conversations I had with the tech people I know, they are pretty comparable.

I did have some battery drain issues that resolved after I remembered to tweak some settings. And last night for some reason battery drained completely from 100% to turning itself off in a few hours while I was sleeping. I've had this happen before with other phones and think it had something to do with towers in my area, the issue has stabilized since this morning so unless it keeps happening, I'm not overly worried.

Lastly, s3 is probably cheaper if you shop around for it. I paid $50 for mine at letstalk.com

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I had battery issues. I contacted Sprint and they ordered me at new one. It was covered under my plan
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Oh good to know, it seems okay now, if it does it again, I'll contact Verizon.

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