I think the comments are intended to sting and be hurtful a lot of times. There are still a lot of people against transracial adoption.

What these people say to a white mother, many won't say to a black mother if they don't know them/aren't family and many of these same people think it's just dandy to see black moms put weaves and relaxers in their 3 year olds head.

There is this horrible mentality of any style that clearly shows traces of a child's african roots being a bad thing. My MIL was PRAISING my daughter's straightened natural hair on Christmas while at the same time praising God she didn't have "those dooky braid twists in" that she usually wears. As far as I'm concerned people with this mentality can GTFOHWTBS, including the people the writer is referring to in her blog!

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I Totally Agree.


You never stop learning...