I agree with this mom on most of her points that she mentioned, but two in particular really stood out to me.
"The black women and white women often disagree about what looks nice on the other races hair"
And second
" That her daughter IS black but at the end of the day it is HER daughter"
Firstly my mother was very creative and skilled doing my hair in its natural state as child, but being the young inpatient girl I was, I would often complain and pout about the time it took and ask her to put my hair in a "puff pony tail", which she did. I remember being at some ceremony with my mom at a table seated with black women and one white woman who had a black daughter. The white woman cooed and awed over my simple but neat pony puff and asked my mom how she got my hair so shiny sleek and thick looking, as her and my mom talked, i noticed the black women rolling their eyes and scoffing and talking amongst themselves. My mother noticed this also and simply asked what was so funny. One of the women seated with us ignored my mother and told the white woman that " she shouldn't ask hair advice from a woman that clearly didn't know how to do her own daughter's hair". Which obviously pissed my mother off... And they started arguing but anyway the white woman looked astonished and said to them that she thought my hair looked gorgeous and saw nothing wrong with it...her daughter also agreed with her that she thought my hair looked nice.
Which just made them laugh and we ended up moving to another table.
Looking back at this now much older I was only about 6 at the time.... I am astonished at the nerve of those women.
I also remember getting lots of compliments from caucasians about my pony tail puff, as well as getting asked by some black women if my mom ever pressed my hair.

But just like the mom in the article said I was my mothers daughter and as long as she was happy with my hair and I was happy with my hair what did it matter to anyone else?
It was thick, long, and healthy.
It really isn't/ wasn't anyone else's business was it?
Why some people feel the need to give their two cents about something that has nothing to do with them is beyond me.
I am aware that some people actually have good intentions when giving others hair care advice they aren't seeking. But i suppose it all depends on how that person responds to the "helpful advice" they are receiving.