I've never attended any of my reunions. I didn't know about the 5th. I know the school found me before the 10th, but I moved again, and didn't hear about it. I got the invite for the 20th, but it was held early in the evening of the second Saturday in Sept. Inconvenient for many parents (we had Soccer season opening.) The 25th was the first Saturday of June, and how we've moved across the country. Hard to get away right before the end of the school year. If it had been two weeks later, I would have been in the state and could have gone. Next year will be the 30th for my class. We'll see what happens. Either way, there will be plenty of pictures posted on facebook, I'm sure, so I'll get to 'see' who goes, anyway.

I have to admit, the distance and the scheduling has made it easy for me NOT to go. I didn't really have to make any decisions. About 5 years ago, my elementary school had a little, casual reunion. they just put out an invite via facebook, the grapevine, word of mouth, etc., and they all met at a local restaurant/bar That I really would have like to have gone to, but again, I'm too far.
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