If s/he wants to invest in CG, she'll keep gawking at your hair and will get inspired to try it. If not, life goes on. Either way, I'd drop the subject for now.

Your friend may or she might not benefit from CG. And that thing about conditioning every day? Wow that's a lot of work! I'm lazy. I'll wash every 5 days on average (either a cowash or a shampoo) and in between my hair goes mostly untouched.

Controlling frizz (something a few of us get obsessed w/for some reason) or avoiding unhealthy hair isn't necessarily at the top of everyone's agenda, especially doctors or other super-busy people. And it doesn't have to be. Not everyone wants to or should improve the look of their hair. It's not a moral imperative. (Note: I've had to remind myself about all this at times, when the hair fanatic in me rages )
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Oh dear. I hope I haven't implied I think it's a moral imperative or anything. I'm not a curl fascist or even a hair fanatic. I'm just going through a phase right now, a research one because of my journalistic tendencies. And it's very exciting! How do I explain is succinctly? (See my problem sometimes is being succinct. I get mired in detail.) It's kind of like, well, it's kind of like you learn this secret- something new about yourself. I always just thought I had bad hair. Turns out my hair is very nice. And just knowing that boosts your self esteem. But then you can feel a little guilty because you walk out the door and you see so many women with these giant halos of frizz and undefined curls. The other day at the grocery store I saw this sweet little girl with this menace she was trying to contain under a winter cap. Looked just like me at seven years old. And in between the bushiness I saw these beautiful ringlets trying to form and escape. I think she's probably a 3C and of course doesn't know it. And her mom with her had much of the same only it was dyed a strange orange-yellow and I think because it was dry very lackluster and unhealthy looking. Maybe if she gave it proper conditioning it would shine and the orange would change to amber, you know? If I actually knew these people I might find a way to (subtly) point them in the right direction. Not necessarily full out CG but even a modified routine would be so helpful. So I just wanted tips on as to how to broach the subject. Explain it in a way that it sounds as simple as it is. That sort of thing. I wash and go every other day actually. The ten minutes (maybe more like seven now since I've gotten very fast) is spent styling one day and fixing my curls the following morning. I envy you though. I think if I had a tighter curl pattern I could go much longer between washes. Stupid 3A ness. When I was a child my hair was so much curlier.