I recently found my HG co wash! I am a 3a/3b combo, and I have fallen in love with ABBA Pure Gentle leave in condish. I use it as both co wash and leave in. It has great slip, and foams just a tiny bit. Cone free w/ tons of yummy botanicals. A bit pricey, but I buy liters for $9.99 @ TJ Maxx.
Henna!!! Red Raj from Henna Sooq
Co-washes: ABBA Pure Gentle (HG), Tresseme Naturals.
Low-poo: Shea Moisture (all of them), Renpure my pretty hair is parched.
Rinse-out: Tigi Bead Head Moisture Maniac, GF Length and Strength.
Leave-in: ABBA Pure Gentle, KCKT, Henna Sooq cocoveda oil.
Stylers: Fairy Tales Curly Q's gel (HG), KCCC, Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothy, GF pure clean gel.