I am recovering from a haircut I had a few years ago, when I was straightening my hair every day. I got bangs and layers, which now that I have gone natural, look terrible. The long layers are nice and controlled, but the short layers are more curly and frizzy, stick out, and are different lengths due to split and frayed ends. Ive attached some pictures.

I am growing out all my layers to be the same length, but in the process, I want to put back my bangs so that they grow out and don't look so bad! Headbands don't work because the hair is too short and sticks out, and methods that straight-haired girls use to pull back their bangs look bad with my curly hair. (as a sidenote, I have to have a side part because a center part looks really bad on me for whatever reason.)

Any suggestions of ways for me to put back my bangs? Thanks for the advice!
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What to do with my bangs while I'm growing them out?-hair.jpg   What to do with my bangs while I'm growing them out?-hair-2.jpg