okay, we're near the end and two of our group have sent apologies for sending packages late. i will email the curlies involved privately to let them know what's up.

please please PLEASE always remember to let me know ASAP if something comes up to prevent/hold up your participation. i have resources to make sure everyone receives a gift if something happens to any participant.

it looks like a lot of stuff is being held up at that 49th parallel...

other than sending out names even *earlier*, i would love to hear suggestions for avoiding the horrendous mail delays. i cannot begin to tell you how completely SHOCKED i was that Minxy's gift only took 5 days to get to her. that is almost unheard of when it comes to Canada Post.

then again, i bought some LE MAC from someone in England earlier in the fall and it got here in 6 days.

so i'll start another thread to solicit suggestions because i don't want everyone to incur ridiculously expensive shipping charges like some have. we really want to keep this affordable for as many as possible.
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