I am new to the forum and would love any advice anyone could give me. First off, would you consider my hair type a 3a? The back can get pretty curly all the way to the scalp but the front and sides is what is hard to get/keep curly? I have low porosity and high density Up until about 2 weeks ago I straightened my hair almost everyday But with 3 kids under 4 I need a faster routine. I now cowash with tresseme Natural and then while still wet put in a small amount ofShea moisture smoothing cream and then KCCC and then plop. For some reason, it still gets frizzy or puffy, and if I add more product it gets crunchy and weighed down? Please help with any advice you can give me on certain tactics that worked for you. I am trying to grow it out but it is not growing very fast;( Thanks so much..
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