I have dry scalp, too. If I didn't, I'd probably wash every 2 weeks! I HATE IT. Haha. I try my best not to touch/scratch it so it doesn't flake. A lot of your methods for buildup work, but seriously getting through my hair to my scalp to scrub/rub TAKES FOREVER AND IS SO ANNOYING. I've had my hair straight for over a week now & it gets so knotty because I forget to brush 1-2 times a day. I'm not used to it.

I can't straighten my own hair (only upkeep) because I just don't have the energy/skill to do it, and the lady was so brutal with my hair. It was the first time I've been in a salon for over 2 years. NEVER AGAIN lol. She also used all cones which I haven't used in years either. I have to wash and do an amazing deep condition....my scalp needs it.

Good luck growing your hair! It's really all about waiting it out. Your curls look great at any length though. If you can't make it & need to cut, don't stress too much .

Has anyone applied a DC mask to dry straight hair, then washed it? Or should I wash or wet first?