I just bought these:

No. 6 Clog boots

They're pricey, but worth it, to me. I walk a lot in the city and needed something that was warm with good foot support. They are super duper comfy.

I also have a pair of Uggs that I bought to wear to inauguration in '09. They are also shearling, look like riding boots, zip up with a thick lug sole. Four years later, they look good as new. Great in the snow/cold/rain, with good support. (Regular Uggs provide no support for my high arches.)
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Is there a name or pic I can reference for something similar by ugg available this season?


I wound up just buying these cute little Sporto snowboots w/ pompom laces, etc. from Macy's bc the weather was really bad and I couldn't wait another day to order or shop around. And the style is "Lisa."

But I plan to invest a "real" pair of snowboots, eventually. Great suggestions and pics, everyone!
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I didn't see anything on their site that looked the same for this season. When I'm back home this weekend, I'll take a pic for you.
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