My daughter used to hate her curly hair. She demanded straight hair. I refused because her hair is beautiful. So last July I made a pact with her. I would cut the relaxer out of my hair if she gave her hair a chance with the CG Method. Yep she fought me hard but reluctantly agreed (she's 11). So out came the scissors and off went my relaxed hair despite my fear of my natural hair (which I couldn't remember ever seeing and my mother claiming my natural hair was "rough"). After all a deal is a deal!! We started the CG method together. A few months into it and her complaints gradually started to decrease. As of now she LOVES her hair (thank you Jesus and the CG Method) and I have been freed from the bondage of the relaxer. I am including pics of both of us. Forgive me if they are large or sideways (posting from my cell phone).

*I have cut my hair four times since last July to get rid of scab hair and finally am rid of it. Thank God!!


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