it seemed like tarantino tried to make some serious things comical. spike lee said he felt the movie was disrespectful to slavery. when i first saw that spike lee had commented i wondered if it was like his beef with tyler perry. after seeing the movie i just didn't like the way it played out. i did hear that tarantino wanted to give a portrayal of what a slave would do if he had the opportunity (i.e. to show these slave owners a thing or two) but it just missed the mark for me. now, i do think jamie foxx, samuel jackson, kerry washington and many others in the film did do a good job with the acting. it was an interesting story, just one that left me a bit uneasy and it was so far from what would have really happened in that time. (i.e. slaves didn't ride off into the sunset with their loves. they were brutally killed, tortured and maimed. their lives had no value). it was almost a fantasy movie.

my friend presented the argument that the movie was designed to show that 1) blacks can love deeply and 2) they can be equals (like how jamie was the german guys real partner) and that 3) white folks aren't the only "evil" ones from that time (samuel jacksons character caused so much drama.

some scenes were hard to watch, the dogs attacking the man, the fighting/wrestling scene, kerry washington getting lashes and having that water poured on her.
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