It depends on how bad their behavior was and how much I like their work. Im thinking of examples:

Pedophilia - Polanski
Racism/inciting violence - Ted Nugent
Infidelity - Picasso
Addiction/general jerkiness - RD Jr

I dislike all the above though. I don't think I could ignore the first two indiscretions. The second two, maybe.
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The key distinction is the extent of harm inflicted on an innocent victim. The first is unforgiveable, the second may not be criminal but is sufficient basis for a public sanction. The last two are pretty tame for me. If we refused to patronize anything produced by an unfaithful person, we'd never listen to another CD or attend another movie!

I find Polanski's ongoing popularity reprehensible, especially since he continually flouts his ability to evade justice.
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I agree with these. I look at it as personal decisions I hope I wouldn't make but can't ever know someone's situation to know where they come from versus absolutely morally reprehensible things which sicken me. I suspect there are plenty of artists who have done things which would make me refuse to listen to their work/read their books/etc., but about whom I don't know anything. I tend to not get too interested in the lives of public figures I don't know.

Excellent example that brings to mind Chris Brown, who is now persona non grata for me. (And I'm peeved at Rihanna for putting up with the schmuck. This sends a terrible message to young women who are being abused by their boyfriend/husband.)
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This was the first one which jumped to mine. I absolutely will not listen to/watch anything I know he'll be on. My opinion of Rihanna has changed and I can't enjoy anything by her now. I do understand that it's emotionally difficult to get away from an abuser and so don't blame her, but on an emotional level I am still now repulsed by her music because of the example she's setting for the girls of our world.

Tom Cruise is the other one who comes to mind. He's just such a weirdo. There are so many bizarro stories out there I have no idea which if any are true, but I just think he's... off. And I haven't seen anything of his since the couch jumping episode out of not wanting to see anything he's made, but not because he made it. I suspect that suspension of disbelief will be harder next time I see one of his movies because he's become such a personality beyond his characters. This kind of amuses me given I don't have that problem when I watch my college roommate, but she's a FAR better actor than Tom Cruise ever was.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!