I am typically good at separating art from the artist. When it comes to stupid comments-petty crime, I do not hold artists/celebrities to a different standard. They have ample flaws, just like everyone else. I do not know them. I don't always know what they have been through, are going through, what they were thinking, etc. I only know public and media speculation, unless something official is said. If/when I reach the point of annoyed, I stop listening to/reading their interviews. The cut off level is different for everyone. If they end up playing a character in something I am interested in, I will watch that character with no problems. Also, some of the most beautiful works of art (be it song, on canvas, or in a movie) were created under the influence. It (sadly) goes hand and hand with the whole tortured soul thing, and that is what many artists are. The ones who are lucky enough to obtain sobriety end up with additional experience, and raw material.

When it comes to more hefty criminal or wrong acts, I always check facts (especially anything newer because responsible journalism rarely exists) and weigh my feelings on it. I find Woody to be very strange, but still enjoy his work. I have never been a fan of Ted but I can handle Cat Scratch Fever being played at a gathering because the song simply holds fond memories to someone else. And I have watched 2 of Polanski's movies for reasons far above and beyond him alone.

I prefer to look at things individually, rather than group all into tainted/wrong.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??