Oh boy Dusa, I didn't mean to imply you're making this into a moral thing ... sorry if it came off that way. I can relate to your enthusiasm about well-formed curls on people. At the same time, I see a lot of beauty with hair that might be considered "wild" and w/out "perfect ringlets". I think it looks regal and amazing. For example, I think of someone like this beautiful woman, or one of my favorite intellectuals Malcolm Gladwell, who, like that woman, is a 4-something and how it's the fact that he doesn't fuss over his hair - just apparently leaves it natural w/out braiding it, dreading it, twisting it or anything else - that helps make him (along w/ others with his type of hair) look so unique and sexy

I'm not sure I'd want to "subtly point these people in the right direction" (as in the 3c hair you described) because I'm not so sure the polished "ringlets" look is intrinsically more beautiful. "Frizz" is not always pathological and it can also represent part of someone's natural texture of hair.

But I think I understand your impulse to want to change someone's hair look that you find less than appealing. I've fantasized about lopping off bangs that have been straightened on otherwise curly-haired women (Or at least dowsing those bangs with water so they'll revert back to curls). Hate that look. But it's what they want. It's just a different form of beauty I don't resonate with. Also, I know it sounds strange to some, but I really do believe "healthy looking" hair is not something that's important to everyone, and it's not up to me to bump it up someone's priority list so that (mostly) I can handle looking at their hair w/out cringing. (Not saying you're doing this, but I admit my impetus has been selfish in wanting to speak up about this kind of thing, at times.)

I bet you have lovely hair, 3a or otherwise

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