I just tried this today (Rosemary & Mint) with disastrous results! I'm 3B/C, coarse, extremely dry hair. Ren made my hair tangle into a horrible mess (in the shower), felt really dried out, and adding more didn't help at all. Tried to finger-comb my hair while in the shower (and with my hair slathered in Ren), and pulled out huge wads of hair! I immediately took it back, but that still leaves me with the frustrating question of how to go CG and find something that really works like it claims to? So frustrating. My hair is so dry and needs a ton of slip so I don't pull it all out when i out when I finger comb it in the shower.
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I haven't looked at the Ren ingredients, but it sounds like your hair might be protein sensitive. Many folks who are describe dry tangly hair even with conditioner.
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